Getting Out For Good Project

KOGS have recently teamed up with Positive Steps Oldham and Manchester Met University to deliver on this Comic Relief funded project aimed at a girls who may be vulnerable to/are affiliated with gangs.

The project has various elements including boxing @teamgreaves, photography and filmmaking @rioferdinandfoundation, as well as some trauma based fitness therapy in the form of trampoline.

The idea behind the trampoline fitness is to provide the girls with a positive outlet for their energy and to connect more with their own bodies. In understanding how the central nervous system works and ways to release adrenaline in a safe way and get these endorphins (happy chemicals) pumping. The award-winning @mayameenmeftahi combines her skills as a trauma specialist and rebound trampoline instructor to get the girls motivated and focused.

As a bolt on KOGS have offered some mental well-being group workshops and 121 counselling and coaching to the participants of this project.

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Parent Wellness Project

The pandemic of 2020 shock the whole world and KOGS significantly change and adapt our way of working to ensure the safety of the clients and also meet the newly emerging needs.

Traditionally KOGS received the majority of its referrals from schools and delivered group workshops in schools. In 2020 the schools shut their doors to visitors and KOGS began to receive more and more referrals from other places such as social care and early help.

This meant more 121 work, more attending partnership and core group meetings and more coming into contact with parents and families. It was at this point that a clear gap in what was offer from both KOGS and mainstream service provision became clear.

Many parents needed somewhere safe to sound off, off load, shout, scream and cry. KOGS parent wellness project was born. KOGS has welcome on-board five new sessional counsellors.

Between Nov 2020 and May 2021 KOGS have worked with 15 adults/parents and families dedicating over  121 PCT counselling over the phone and via zoom.

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Collaboration with JFMA Academy

KOGS have recently teamed up with the award winning JFMA – Jodie Ferrari Makeup Academy in Failsworth to work on a ground-breaking new project.

Funded by the VRU GM Combined Authority, this project was co-designed with the young people that KOGS work with, and taking on the feedback from our service user questionnaire which received around 75 responses at the end of 2019.

The girls have been working towards qualifications in hair, gel nails and makeup as well as having a business masterclass and showcasing their work. The idea is to build the skills in beauty but also interpersonal, communication, confidence and self esteem.

Giving the girl’s a positive outlet to express themselves, broadening horizons and raising aspirations. These things are all key in our quest to keep young women safe and for them to understand healthy relationships including the relationship with themselves and friendships.

Some feedback from the current intake:

“Working with the kogs girls on this project was really fun and rewarding for myself and my staff, the confidence boost we seen in the girls from start to finish was so inspiring. The girls really engaged during the sessions and they all said that it the most they had concentrated in a long time and wished they could of stayed longer with us.”

Jodie Ferrari – owner

“This is the longest I’ve ever concentrated for…it’s because I’m enjoying it”

Participant – age 15

“I look beautiful – I have never felt pretty like this before”

Participant – age 16

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